Golden Pumpkin with Honeyed Walnut
Chinese Restaurant Awards 2009
Critics’ Choice Award Signature Dish - “Chinese Dessert”

There are many forms of pumpkin or walnut desserts: Baked; ground and made into soft pudding or in soup with coconut milk, but Yan’s Garden Restaurant is the first to offer them in a dry, crispy snack version of golden delight.

Chinese love using kabocha, Japanese squash and call it ‘golden squash’ because of its cheerful meat colour. Here, Chef Gordon Chan creates his very own recipe and turns ordinary squash into sweet tempura-style offering that becomes an instant hit amongst dimsum crowds. The crisp outside and tender inside texture of these sliced kabochas work magically with the crunchy walnuts; a touch of sprinkled sesame seeds simply adds depth.

The beauty of this dessert lies not only within its appealing golden colour; alluring texture and balanced sweetness but Chef Chan’s ability to use two household ingredients with a simple but effective recipe as well.